Xev & Chico

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These are our precious little French Bulldogs. Some may note that we have more pictures of Xev here than Chico. This is not because Xev is our favorite (and she is by the way—you can do that with dogs, unlike children, admitting your favorite).

No, we take as many pictures of Chico as we do of Xev. It just turns out that a black-brindle dog being photographed with a consumer handheld camera just doesn't produce a lot of readable pictures. And trying to capture a white- and fawn-pied dog in the same picture as a black one is even harder.

I've tried to do my best in this gallery to adjust the photos where both dogs appear as detailed and visible as possible. It's only by my sheer genius and sage knowledge as a professional designer that I've been able to present them to you in this way—and I spent so much time doing that, that I didn't have time to remove all the retina reflections caused by said consumer camera.

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